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Since 1970 we design and build small plants (from a few watts to over 10 kW) that produce electricity from hydraulic sources, increasing the experience and knowledge of issues inherent in these systems.

Today our company is not only a mere supplier of turbines, but it's a true PARTNER that supports you

choosing the right technical and economic turbine.

choosing the size of the turbine. (Pelton - Francis - Kaplan)

giving you answers to your needs at reasonable times (in the draft offer).

The products on which we focus mainly are the TP1 hydro generator, TC02 Monoblocco and Kaplan Bulb Turbine 107/3 ".

They are already used in water systems for the power supply systems monitoring, dosing of hydrochloride and UV lamps, etc.. etc.., in an autonomous and using the movement of water in the pipe itself.