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This turbine is placed directly into the river and works in the axial direction of water flow.

It is designed for the production of electric power in aqueducts close to the tanks of the basin, by exploiting the swing of the water adduction, or along the ducts towns inserted in the bypass. This system ensures that the yield of the turbine is better than other Applications.

Moreover, this machine has a single adjustment on the blades of the rotor which allows to change the inclination of the blades during operation of the machine. In this way it manages to achieve maximum efficiency as a function of flow and pressure.

The angular adjustment of the blades can be done manually or by remote control (battery charge type) using a rotary actuator 12 or 24 Volt DC

The electric power generation (alternator) is placed outside of the hydraulic flow, where it is completely watertight.

The installation of this turbine is more cheap in comparison with the other turbines as it is inserted directly, or at the end of a pipeline, because it is less bulky and therefore easily adaptable to pipes.

This type of turbine is connected to the REGULATORS BATTERIES CHARGE 12 or 24 VOLT


Electro-welded Turbine 304 stainless steel

Nylon Blades.


Maximum working pressure 15 Bar

Working pressure from 0.8 to 4 m and more with the adaptation of the alternator.

Power generated from 20 to over 200 Watts.

Voltage 12 or 24 volts, or other, on request.


Water inlet and outlet pipe diameter 3 "

Total length 615 mm ends of the threads

Max. of the turbine 190 mm

Lateral dimensions of 250 mm

Weight 25 kg