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This series of permanent magnet alternators is designed to be immersed directly into watercourses of small and large dimensions at low speed. It has a waterlight and strong structure and its application does not require special works.

The hydro generator is composed by a permanent magnet alternator and from a propeller blade, designed and built for this application, with the following characteristics:

Permanent magnet alternator with high electrical efficiency, watertight in order to work immersed directly in the water, that ensures reduced frictional losses on seals and bearings. The losses in the air gap of the alternator and mechanical linkage are insignificant.

The stainless steel propeller turbine bladed has a thin profile and it is spliced directly on the output shaft of the alternator. Doing it you make it fast and you will get ultra high performance at low speed of the water, a condition that can be found in a small or large watercourse without excessive difference, a normal course of the river, irrigation canal or mountain streams. Even only 1 m / sec in fact is already sufficient pears generate electricity.

Power output is closely bound to the velocity of the water.

The hydro generator is particularly useful in those places where it is impossible or very expensive the traditional connection to the electricity distribution network to supply electrical and electronic equipment for remote sensing