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TP Series – Pelton Turbine

The Pelton turbines are normally used for high falls and small and medium capacities.

A Pelton turbine consists essentially of a disc wheel, which bears on the periphery a number of blades of special shape, double spoon.

A water jet, directed tangentially respecting to the wheel, strikes the median edge of the blades and divides into two parts, that fold sliding on the two bowls side.

The resultant of the centrifugal force resulting there from exerts a thrust on the blade determining a moment of rotation with respect to the axis of the wheel and setting in motion the alternator.


Three-phase alternator with permanent magnets.

Housing in stainless steel.

Reinforced nylon blades.


The materials used allow the use of hydro and outdoor enclosed cavity.

TP1 from 0 to 200 W C.C 12 or 24 Volt // TP1/6 from 200 W C.C 12 or 24 Volt

TP2 from 500 W C.C 12 or 24 Volt // TP2/6 from 500 W C.C 12 or 24 Volt

TPA series goes from 1,500 Watts to 10,000 Watts.